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TCK 20. Madde ile 5651 Sayılı Kanun'un 4. maddesinin 2. fıkrasına göre Ko-Cüce Server Tanıtım forumumuzdaki mesajlardan dolayı doğacak tüm sorumluluk mesajı yazan üyeye aittir. Tüm hukuksal şikayetler için buradan bizimle iletişime geçmeniz halinde en geç 1 hafta içinde gerekli işlem yapılıp tarafınıza geri dönüş yapılacaktır.

MYKO GLOBAL-MYKO.NET | Orijinal Oldschool KO veritabanı | 72 LVL SINIR | OFFICIAL: 31 Mayıs 18:00 TR

Konusu 'Server Tanıtımı' forumundadır ve Global - Myko tarafından 9 Ağustos 2018 başlatılmıştır.

  1. Global - Myko

    Global - Myko Member

    How to start playing on our server?

    If you are a new player you can registerHERE!

    First, we never remove old accounts so if you have played here before you can Log in HERE or restore your password HERE!

    Pk beta Information today at 18:00 GMT +2

    1. Every account starts with 500 ml gold
    2. Every account will have level 72 scrolls in their inventory. To apply, remove your items from your characters and use it on your skill bar.
    2. To get a Master first you need to get your first job change at [373.363], then relog!3. Your 70 skills are locked, and you need to make a quest for it to unlock. All required items will be ready in your inventory to continue.
    4. Your inventory will be filled with shells +8 and other armors required for your skills. Battle priests will get Paper as well as Mages.
    5. You will have 100x Blessed Upgrade scrolls (100% to +7) in your inventory.
    6. Cape quest is automated and you dont need to make a qust or gain np for preferred cape.
    7. All Events are open and you can see the schedule HERE!
    8. Beta rewards for most active and skilled players HERE!
    9. Other Clan event that you can participate in is for official is HERE! and HERE!
    10. Power Up Store Free!

    Information for Official at [31.05.2019]

    1. Donations starting August 2018 will be restored daily by 2%.
    2. There will be 3 short stages. Information about stages HERE!
    3. First 3 days drop of MASTER items will be 100%
    4. Drop list HERE!
    5. Upgrade rates HERE! Exchange Rates HERE!
    6. New Autoloot Premium and all Information about it HERE!
    7.Auto-Rejoin on all events. Border War, Juraid Mountain, Last Nation Standing, Forgotten Temple
    8. Auto kick all AFK's from any events to CZ bowl to random locations.
    9. Any Bots, koxp, hacks dont work here.
    10. RULES HERE!
    11. Lunar Wars will last only 1 Hour. Endless War will last 45 minutes and will start from stage 1.
    12. More information and Guides HERE!
    13. At level 72, spacial beginner Premium and beginner Zone will be added to Moradon Gate. Every new player will get 3 days of beginner premium and will be able to join this zone.

    Last but not Least! Dont forget to participate in our Share Tag Like event HEREEEEEE!

    Join our group HERE!

    Good luck and I hope to see you all soon!
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    en iyi myko deneyimi için up
  3. TutoriaLs clan is online !
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    En iyi myko deneyimi için upup
  5. thebestplayer

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    en iyi myko deneyimi için up