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    Serverin eski üyelerindenim kendine güvenen daha once mage ekibinde oynamıs olan yada ekibi olup baslamak isteyip eksigi olan lütfen benimle iletişim kursun başlamayı planlıyorum

    Dear Knights,

    Our Community Server will be opening on the 11th of January 2019 at 06:00 PM (GMT+1), We welcome all of you to join us for some fun among new & old MYKO players, our server is a dynamic environment where everyone can speak out his mind and have his footprint during our server's journey.

    Play Fair & Have Fun.


    72 lvl CAP HYBRID MYKO(19XX gaming engine | MYKO GAMEPLAY)




    ZONE MYKO is BACK, and this time for a clear long run, if you are someone that is looking for a MYKO game feel mixed with a powerfull gaming engine and a touch of innovation in top of it you will for sure like it here.

    Our server is built with a community touch, every important decision is taken withing the community to ensure a long server life but also to make sure our players feel that this server is not JUST another private server but a chance for them to have the power of decision and not living the deception/powerless feelings that we all felt at some point of time.

    We do not have the all best developpers nor the best managing team; but we promise that we will do more than what we can to deliver the best support there is and try our best to built the best server we can, we will also be fair to everyone no matter how big our small your name is in this community and no matter how much money you donate, you are all equal to us, and finally we promise you that we are not looking for any "passive income" (open the server and vanish like other do) we do enjoy managing the server and playing it as much as you all do and we will keep it this way working every single day with our almost 4 years experienced team working together!


    Server will bring some new things into game.
    1) Moneys
    The server will run on LOW COIN ECONOMY model. The income of coins is very small in order to prevent a typical hyperinflation of KO servers. We added mechanisms that will allows us to control NOAH income and outcome to game, so it should make players easier to buy and sell their items in merchants (even a very advanced items). But even with low number of coins the players WONT BE POOR. The income of blessed scrolls is enough for upgrading and potions costs almost nothing. So there shouldn't be problem to play game without earning coins.

    2) Upgrades
    The upgrading rates are SLIGHTLY ENHANCED to +5, you would require not so much items to reach this level. However the +8 upgrade is very hard (will be closed for the first few months up to a year depending on game advancement) without trinas and it is nearly impossible to make it. On other hand trinas success rates are SLIGHTLY ENHANCED. TRINA PIECE is available by exchange for National Points. Therefore people have to PK in order to make any good items.

    +9 upgrade will be closed as well untill we judge it is fit to introduce it with the help of course of the community.
    Compounding accessories to +1 will be closed same as +8 and will be open when we will judge with the community that it is time to open it.
    3) Experience
    You will have the choice this time between the classical EXP by killing various mobs over & over again, or with the Quests that we customized to fit our gameplay.

    Full list of server settings will come shortly before OFFICIAL LAUNCH!

    We will Try our best to keep this topic as updated as possible.

    Play Fair & Have Fun!
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  3. iTearsFears

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